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Angie was born in Queens, New York and raised on Long Island. Always having a deep interest in baking, she attended and graduated (with honors) from the

"Culinary Academy of my Momma".

Fast forward...2008.

After a car accident, she underwent pain management treatments for her back.

Enter the Argentine pain management doctor. 

Determined to use this situation to her advantage, she exchanged nerve blocks and disc decompression, for critique of her Alfajores, as well as the use of the doctor's deeply evolved taste buds.

Many months later...

One afternoon, at yet another appointment, Dr. Pain said to Angie, "You know, the Alfajores have always been good, but now they taste just like they do in Argentina".

How can you argue with that?


I am happy to report that Angie is feeling a lot better. She has turned her passion of baking into a business that she absolutely loves. Her Alfajores are 100% Argentine approved!

She's planning a trip to Argentina in the future and has resolved to learn the tango. 

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