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We are very excited to announce that Buenos Angie's Alfajores has been chosen a Finalist for Martha Stewart's American Made Awards.

Thanks for the beautiful article, Kim Como:

     Long Island Mamas Network Meet Angela Beauman

Thank you, Marisa and Francesca for this amazing article!

I first came across Buenos Angie’s Alfajores last fall at the lovely Gowanus Girls Market, and I was thrilled to have a chance to talk with Angie herself. Her alfajores are distinctly buttery, with a traditional dulce de leche filling. Her larger chocolate covered ones are so rich that you won’t even mind sharing them. Click here to read more. 

From: The Experimental Gourmand July 2, 2012

"Even though I’d had several sweet treats already, it was really difficult for me to pass up these delectable Argentine Alfajores by Buenos Angie's. Crumbly, buttery cookies with a swath of dark, toffee-like dulce de leche nestled between them. Sweet and salty at the same time, these just melted in my mouth, like they promised"


"For a taste of South America, look for Angie Beauman of Buenos Angie's. She bakes fresh alfajores, delicate Argentinian cookies filled with dulce de leche and typically enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea. Packaged individually, they make the perfect gifts for Fall brides!"

From The Global Grocery

Buenos Angie's Alfajores 

I’m going to hold back on the Evita quotes and references and get right to the point: Buenos Angie’s alfajore is the best cookie I’ve ever tasted. Yes, that includes the iconic Thin Mint, my personal gooey oatmeal raisin recipe, and buttery Mexican wedding cakes.

Buenos Angie’s specializes in the traditional Argentinian alfajore, an extraordinary little sweet sandwich made from two soft sugar cookies held together with dulce de leche (milk-based caramel). Iterations of this magical composition proliferate all over South America as convenient street food – so, everyone down there must be swooning in ecstasy all the time.

Angie asserts “they absolutely melt in your mouth” and “you have never tasted anything so delicious.” She is not lying. When a bite hits your mouth, the buttery cookies crumble seamlessly into the caramel filling, creating a flavor that balances sugar, flour and salt in a gentle dose. Buenos Angie’s has been presenting at the Queens County Market so if you’ve been attending those, you can catch up with her there. The company currently bakes to order – minimum 12 cookies – you can place orders to ship on the site.

Happy hunting . . . Anne

From: The Deer Park Patch (Long Island, NY)

Baking Alfajores With Angela Beauman

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